Fuzzy Gerbils

Lots of people keep gerbils as pets, but they really don’t know much about these fuzzy little animals. They are very cute and mostly are non aggressive. Like humans, they like their own personal space, and they usually don’t like to be picked up. Its usually better to pick two when buying these pets and should be from the same litter. They really like to chew since they are part of the rodent family so cardboard and paper are the best things for your little fuzzy friend so they can make a bedding place. If you have a couple of these cute little animals, make sure you have a box for them, to put their beds in.

gerbils2The best place to keep these babies are in a cage close to where they can see you, they really like to be able to see their owners. Although they like to eat a variety of food, its best just to buy food for them. They are very entertaining as well, if you build the a cage with tubes and wheels ,you will have a lot of fun watching them play. They are extremely active so getting bored watching them, will not be a problem. They need a lot of room to run and play, so if your intent is to get a couple of these pets make sure you have a large cage. They love carrots and celery and may be part of their diet. They also love apples. They come in a variety of colors and will usually live about three and a half years. The reason they must be in pairs is to feel safe, they depend on each other. They are also very easy to care for and inexpensive. They are also active both day and night, so the fun never ends. Do not give them a lot of watery veggies as this may cause diarrhea. They are usually very healthy with very few health problems, but sadly some will occur.

Mites may cause your pet to have an allergic reaction. Pet stores sell mite spray for this problem, and replacing their beds and toys can get rid of this pesky problem. They really don’t drink a lot of water, but make sure you keep a fresh bottle for them,Some gerbils are picky, what one may eat the other may not, you can also give them live meal worms and crickets this will give them the protein they need. So if you do have a picky eater, put a vitamin supplement in their water.

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