The Angora Rabbit

giant-angora-rabbit-breedAngora rabbits have to be the fuzziest of all. They are like nothing else you will ever see. They aren’t vicious, If you place them in one spot they pretty much just stay there, In fact they never move much at all. People will raise and breed this animal for show, and they have to be super fluffy to win. They are also bred for their wool. Keeping these bunnies maintained may be a little tough to you, but to the bunny, well he just pretty much sits there. You don’t have to do much just wash, blow dry, and brush. Your bunny won’t mind if you hit a snag or tangle. He will just sit there and let you brush away.

They always look like big fuzzy sweaters. Farmers will raise these bunnies for the wool. So if you ever go shopping for an Angora sweater, we lets just say they are pretty pricey. You can keep them indoors or out, depending on how many bunnies you are planning on having.If you keep them outside make sure the cage is off the ground, and are sturdy enough to keep predators out. They should also be maintained for the weather as well. Feeding them is not like any other bunny, they need a lot of protein to keep that wool strong. They need about 18 percent of protein until they are 4-6 months old after that about ½ to ¾ cups of feed daily. Make sure that bunny has fresh water daily,It must get hot carrying around all that fuzz. They also like hay, but only give them treats once a week you don’t want a super fat fuzzy bunny. Keep this bunny brushed at least three times a week, it’s hair can be anywhere between 3 to 4 inches long. These bunnies are very patient. They loved to be brushed and cared for. So if a super fuzzy animal is next on your list, check into the Angora.

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